The woolen coat complete!!

Hello my dear readers!

Long time no hear from, I know!  I had a bit of ‘life’ happen these past few weeks, but please no worries – we’re all healthy and happy on this end.  But that’s life, hey?  Full of ups and downs and surprises.

Speaking of such – I’ve finished the winter coat! AND I chopped my hair!!!!  I just love my hair short – I’m never going back again – and you can seriously hold me to that…SERIOUSLY.



I just love how it turned out!  All that drama was totally worth it.   Oh BTW…it was 35 degrees (yes, PLUS) when I donned this lovely outfit – so don’t say I don’t love you guys, k?



Remember that skirt?  Yes, that’s my Ginger!  One of favs.  I like to wear my handmades with other handmades.




I didn’t end up making the welt pockets button-upable because I thought it would be way to much of a PITA every time I wanted to use my pockets.



I really heart how the sleeves turned out.  But, word to the wise – perhaps make the cuff a smidge wider – well, I have big hands so they fit through OK (obviously), but it’s a bit on the tight side.  Also love the hidden button placket.



I thought brown buttons would go well since we’re doin’ a navy/plum/brown thang here.



Oooo…is that a lining??  We ALL know how much I LOVE making linings!  This was a simple navy acetate lining – breathable, durable and affordable.  I don’t like using silk for coat linings – it’s luxurious sure, but it stains with sweat (fab for a cyclist like me) is not very durable and is $$$$$$$$$$.   Not today, folks.



I made a nice wide (5cm) tie belt and a couple of belt loops to hold her all in.



Overall, I’m incredibly happy with this coat.  The “inderlining” worked like a charm and the coat has a very nice weight to it as well as, well, warmth (unfortunately).

I think it’s trousers next, yes?  Look for the pattern /fabric combo and some awesome easy couture tips for a nice waistband.

PS – I’ve also got a new blog look – but more about that little surprise later :)

PPS – To see how I improve these photos – check out this post!

Relax and enjoy lads and lassies!


  • ooobop!

    Such perfection as always. Loving the chic do too! :-)

    • Kat

      Oh, Ooobop…you’re too kind :)

      • karen gass

        The coat is beautiful, and your hair is so cute! I didn’t know that about acetate linings (you mean the cheap ones?) being breathable. I’ve normally saved up and gone for the silk. I have the fabric to make a coat, but not the time :/ Yup too much ‘life’ :) Karen

  • Marjorie Trundle

    I really like your coat and you have finished it beautifully. I think you are very generous to wear it and have photos taken in 35C heat. If you come to QLD, do not bring your coat. It is so humid here at the moment and seeing you wear that coat makes me sweat even more. I really love your chic haircut; you must love how it is so much cooler as well as looking so nice.

    • Kat

      Thanks so much, Marjorie! Yeah, at least it’s a *dry* heat :P The haircut is a real relief let me tell you – don’t know why I waited so long !!

  • Carolyn

    Fabulous, Kat!! Such a beautiful and well-constructed piece, and of course I love the full lining. I’m totally with you on non-silk, breathable linings for the practicality and affordability. Will you be posting more close-up/detail shots for us to drool over? :)

    Glad to hear your life stuff worked out in the end, and your new haircut totally rocks!

    • Kat

      Cheers Carolyn! Yup, I’ll add some detail shots in my next post!!

  • Linda

    Very smart coat…and a sassy hairdo! Love it!

    • Kat

      Cheers, Linda!

  • Viviana

    Wow! Awesome coat! Definitely inspiring.
    And your hair do looks great too!

    • Kat

      Thanks Viviana!

  • Cherrypix

    Hey Kat…catching up with the blogosphere…what a great reference site you’re building here! That gorgeous cost will come in handy soon enough…And your new do…oh yesssss…looks fabulous…I know what you mean about never going back! (Says she who had very long hair for 25 years and used to shudder at the thought of cutting it!) :-)

    • Kat

      Thanks so much! I want to make it useful – to share the stuff I’ve learned. Yeah, before you know it winter will be here!

  • anne jewell

    kat, your coat came out just wonderful. i am so happy to have been wrong about the sleeves possibly being too bulky to go into the cuffs. you will get many years’ wear from it,–anne

    • Kat

      Thanks Anne! The fabric was actually quite light, so I think that’s why it worked!